Science Camp


June 20-22, 10am-Noon

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Join us at the Coop for 3 days of science fun!

AGES: 7-12

DAY 1: Motion- We will be learning all about motion and try our hand at making our very own rollercoaster.

DAY 2: Solar Energy- We will be making our very own S’mores using solar energy. We are also going to be engaging in various experiments to test the sun and it’s mighty power. If you have sunglasses, bring them. We will be testing their strength.

DAY 3: Engineering and Design- Using a variety of tools we will try our hand at engineering and design. We will be building tall towers and designing our very own chromatography t-shirts. How tall can you make your tower? Can you make it using only the supplies given?

T-shirt size is needed for day 3 project. If you are not attending on day 3, you will not receive a t-shirt.

ABOUT THE TEACHER: Sara is a mother, teacher, and GEMS (Girls Excelling at Math and Sciences) instructor. She obtained her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the American College of Education.

You MUST pre-register to attend! Your spot is not reserved until payment has been received.